About Texoma Luxury Rentals



My name is Joe and I'd love to be your Host here at Lake Texoma. I have loved Texoma now since buying our first place in 2015, driving up from Frisco nearly every weekend.  I have a handicapped son named Ayden, and a few years back we drove north of Dallas to explore, and we found Lake Texoma. I love working with guests to create a great vacation. Some folks don't leave the house once they get here, others like to explore. Texoma is perfect for either type of vacation. 

 Our guests have created some amazing memories here...

Sarah, a grandmother of 3 young boys from Dallas wanted to take her grandchildren on a trip to the Lake in the summer. Sarah explained that her grandchildren had never been out of the city before, and she wanted to find the perfect place for them to experience the small town she had enjoyed as a child.
We talked for a few minutes about all the benefits of the property and I answered her initial questions. Sarah reserved the house for her family’s trip to Lake Texoma.
They arrived safely and when the kids woke up that first morning, the first thing they did was run down to the lake’s shoreline. Later that night, Sarah tucked her sleepy grandsons into bed after a long day on the lake.
Sarah called me before leaving town to thank me and let me know how much she appreciated all the attention to details which made this house a comfortable retreat for her family, but mostly importantly—a trip that she and her grandsons would never forget.
I know you’ll enjoy the house as much as Sarah and her grandkids...

Don’t forget to let me know what special memories you create in this beautiful place!