So close to Dallas

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Lake Texoma is a new travel destination to many in Dallas. Click to read the article D Magazine. Book the property here

I start the day with a barefoot stroll—as one does when staying at a cabin a mere 900 feet from the sandy edges of Lake Texoma. The sun bakes the sand. It’s warm underfoot as I look out across the choppy waters that stretch so far and wide you forget it’s a huge engineered reservoir. Still, it feels like a secret beach. I didn’t encounter another soul for at least a mile. (My peace was worth getting walloped by the wind—the price of solitude, I guess.)

Of course, Lake Texoma is not a hush-hush vacation spot. Rather, it’s a well-known go-to for boating, fishing, and all-around outdoorsy leisure. And this A-frame is a recreationist’s dream stay. There are some woody trails walkable from the backside of the property, including a 30-minute loop that connects to other nearby hikes. There are ATV trails, too, if you’re looking to cruise. Just be mindful not to tear up the sandy landscape, and stick to the approved paths. This is the natural domain of snakes and such, after all.

When the sun begins to set and the white-breasted nuthatches peck and yammer in the post oaks, it’s time to make a fire in the pit on the sizable back patio. It’s just you, chirpy bugs, and crackling firewood. Plus 18 others, if you so choose. This place sleeps 19: the garage has been flipped into a second cabin with a huge couch, pool table, and extra beds.

The exterior of the main A-frame has been painted a farmhouse white, which gives the old log cabin a fresh and modern vibe. Inside, though, its retro style is embraced. There’s nary a surface that’s not polished log. Even the spiral staircase that leads to another three rooms and bathroom, is made of smooth, glazed wood plank steps.

This isn’t the most secluded cabin. You might hear the neighbors whacking weeds or mowing their lawns, or you might find a constant companion in the yellow Lab that lives next door. But this retreat among post oaks still gets you close to the serene lakeshore and far from the incessant ping of your email inbox. —Rosin Saez