Cleaning Process

Preparation & Safety  
Wash hands Safety: WHO Hand-washing Method
  Wet hands with water. Apply enough soap to cover all hand surfaces
  Wash for a minimum of 20 seconds
  Rub palms, in between fingers, tips of fingers, front and back of hands and thumbs.
  Rinse hands with water
  Use towel to turn off faucet and dry with single use towel
  Avoid touching your face
Disinfect your mobile phone using approved method
Wear disposable sanitary gloves or rubber cleaning gloves that are only used for disinfecting
Ensure proper ventilation  
CDC Approved Disinfectants  
  For soft surface disinfection, use Lysol Disinfectant Spray
  For disinfection bleach solution, follow CDC guidelines: 1/3 cup of bleach per gallon of water.
  Consult product labels for required dwell time, safety and ventilation instructions.
Supplies: Cleaning Cloths  
  Surface cleaning cloths should be cotton or microfiber. Disposable wipes can also be used
  Use colored coding system for cloths to prevent cross contamination. Red: high risk areas, yellow: low risk bathroom areas, blue: all purpose cleaning, green: food preparation areas
  If using all white cloths, fold the cleaning cloth until it is roughly the size of your hand. Unfold and refold the cloth to use all surfaces, minimizing reuse of any part of the cloth, starting with a new cloth as needed.
Supplies: Mop & Bucket  
  Supplies: Mop & Bucket
  Mop heads or floor cloths should be cotton or microfiber
  If you use buckets, a three-bucket system is recommended for disinfection. Bucket 1: detergent or cleaning solution; Bucket 2: rinse water; Bucket 3: disinfectant
Disinfecting Hard Surfaces  
  Thoroughly soak a fresh cleaning cloth in detergent
  Begin wiping surfaces in a systematic way ensuring the surface is thoroughly wet
  Wait the necessary "dwell'’ time (per product label)
Sanitizing Soft Surfaces  
  Use a color safe sanitizing spray to sanitize soft surfaces such as furniture, edges of curtains and decorative pillows
Disinfecting Electronics with Touch-pads
   Disinfect phones and electronics with touch-pads with cleaning cloth moist with soap and water or disinfectant spray or disinfectant wipes
  Take care to not saturate electronics and prevent liquid from getting in to ports. For electronics with crevasses such as remote controls, a Q-tip soaked in disinfectant or wrapped in a disinfectant wipe can be used.
Time Sensitive: Dishwasher  
  Collect dishes, including dishes in cupboard, load and start dishwasher.
  Will be multiple loads in dishwasher. Place all mugs, plates, and silverware. 
  *Note - until further notice, only supply mugs/cups/plates/silverware for maximum number of guests. 
Post-Guest Inspection  
  Complete walk through, and report any damages, excessive mess, or left-behind guest items.
All Rooms: Light Switches  
  Wipe - Disinfect all light switches
General: Fan  
  Wipe - Disinfect pull chain of fan, if applicable
All Rooms: Windows  
  Wipe - Disinfect window sills, window handles, and window covering edges and pulls
General: Thermostat  
  Wipe - Disinfect thermostat
All Areas: Railings  
  Wipe - Disinfect all railings. (top rail and all stair rails)
All Areas: Garbage  
  Wipe - Disinfect inside and outside of all garbage
Kitchen: General  
  Wipe - Clean and disinfect all surfaces, including knobs and handles of appliances and cabinets.
  Wipe - Disinfect knobs and handles of appliances and cabinets
  Mop - Sweep/mop and disinfect floors.
Kitchen: Microwave  
  Clean and disinfect inside and outside of microwave including handle and keypad
Kitchen: Utensils  
  Wash - Wash all eating and cooking utensils including those in drawers and cabinets
Kitchen: Small Appliances  
  Wipe - Disinfect all small appliances including cords, switches and knobs
Kitchen: Sponge  
  Discard all sponges - Empty Trash
Kitchen: Oven   
  Wipe - Clean and disinfect inside and outside of oven.
  Look - verify oven liner is present. If missing or damaged report
Kitchen: Refrigerator  
  Look/Find - Discard all condiments in Refrigerator until further notice.
  Look/Find - Empty refrigerator and freezer of previous guest items.
  Wipe - clean and disinfect interior and exterior including handle and keypad
Kitchen: Condiments  
  Disinfect all provided kitchen amenities such as oils, salt and pepper shakers and containers
Kitchen: Stove-top  
  Wipe - Clean and disinfect stove-top.
Kitchen: Cabinets  
  Wipe - Disinfect knobs and handles of cabinets
Kitchen: Amenities  
  Refill  - kitchen amenities such as dish soap, paper towel. One in holder (can be partial), one unopened on counter.
Dining Room:  
  Wipe - Disinfect all surfaces, including knobs, handles, and pulls of furniture and doors.
  Wipe - Disinfect all lamp power switches and cords
  Spray - Sanitize soft surfaces, including furniture, rugs, and decorative items.
Living Room  
  Wipe - Disinfect all surfaces, including knobs, handles, and pulls of furniture and doors.
  Wipe - Disinfect all lamp power switches and cords
  Spray - Sanitize soft surfaces, including furniture, rugs, and decorative items.
All Rooms: Remotes  
  Wipe - Disinfect all TV and AC remote controls
  Wipe - Disinfect all furniture surfaces, handles and pulls.
  Wipe - Disinfect all lamp power switches and cords.
  Wipe - Sanitize soft surfaces, including furniture, rugs, and decorative pillows.
  Wipe - Disinfect closet and bedroom knobs
  Strip/Replace - Make bed with sanitized and stain-free bedding.
  Wipe - Disinfect edge of shower curtain and liners
  Wipe - Disinfect toilet, sinks, and bathtub/shower.
  Wipe - Disinfect/clean all mirrors
  Wipe - Disinfect all faucet and toilet handles
  Wipe - Clean and disinfect cabinets, drawers, and shelves.
  Mop - Sweep/mop and disinfect floors.
  Wipe - Disinfect and refill bathroom hand soap.
  Discard - Any left behind soaps such as shampoo and conditioner
  Refill - refill toilet paper, leave partial and ensure minimum of 1 additional role available
  Strip/Replace - Leave minimum 1 sanitized bath towel per allowable guest, 1 sanitized hand towel, and 1 sanitized bath mat per bathroom.
Laundry Room:  
  Wipe - Disinfect Washer and Dryer knobs, handles and empty lint trap
Cleaning Supplies:  
  Wipe - Disinfect broom handle - ensure broom is in working order.
  Wipe - Disinfect vacuum handle
  Wipe - Wipe all cleaning supply bottles and supplies that are available for guest use
  Find/Look - Check for trash on ground outside.
  Find/Look - Check condition of BBQ. If excessively dirty, take picture and send.
  Brush - Verify BBQ brush is in good order and brush drill surface
  Wipe - Disinfect BBQ handle and outdoor chair handles
  Wipe - Disinfect door handle, locks and edges of front door as you exit the property
Set Thermostat:  
  For homes without NEST thermostat, set to 50 degrees in winter and 80 degrees in summer. 
  Homes with Nest - report completion and I will change temperature.
  Remove and dispose of gloves. If rubber gloves, remove and clean using approved methods to disinfect
  Wash hands